Nutrition: 9 Worst Breakfast Foods On The Planet

5. Commercial granola bars

You’ve heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, right?

Well, I think that this applies really well to commercial granola bars. With their seeds, nuts and small size, these ‘healthy’ breakfast foods are nothing but candy.


Lots of sugar and high fructose corn syrup but almost no fiber or protein. Can you guess what would happen if you ate a commercial granola bar for breakfast?

A sugar crash! You’ll be left feeling like you need a nap at 11am…

As if this wasn’t bad enough, in a study published last year, scientists reported that a single high carbohydrate meal is enough to adversely affect your immune system and overall metabolism. And by metabolism, I don’t simply mean how much energy your body burns. You see, your metabolism also refers to other essential reactions, such as digestion and hormonal balance, which occur in your body.

  • Industrial seed oils
  • Additives for preservation such as BHT
  • Artificial colors and flavors

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