Nutrition: 9 Worst Breakfast Foods On The Planet

4. Scones and bagels

I rarely talk about calories with my patients (except if they have HPA-axis dysfunction a.k.a ‘adrenal fatigue’). But when it comes to scones and bagels, mentioning the number of calories they contain is an easy way to drive the following message home.

These breakfast foods may be the ultimate convenience food but they have quite a few downsides.


Lots of calories – Did you that the average deli bagel can contain about 350 calories? And depending on their size, plain scones come with around 360 calories.

Refined flour – If those calories came from healthy fats and carbs, that wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, about 50 to 60% of the calories from these popular breakfast foods come from refined flour which contains carcinogenic bleaching agents. Plus, as mentioned earlier, wheat flour can cause inflammation and cause blood sugar surges.

The remaining calories come mostly from industrial seed oils. These are the nasty fats that worsen inflammation, prevent insulin from doing its job properly and are dangerous for the heart.

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